Eid ul Adha 2017

A reminder of Eid Salah times for tomorrow:

First Jam’at: *9:30am*

Second Jam’at: *10:15am*

Some recommended acts on the day of Eid:

* To eat something sweet after the Fajr prayer before going to the Eid prayer area
* To perform the ghusl before the Eid prayer
* To clean one’s teeth with a siwak or similar object as much as possible
* To wear scented perfume
* To wear the best of one’s clothes, which consist of the most beautiful, cleanest or newest garments
* To make one’s happiness and joy apparent, thanking Allah for one’s blessings
* To give much in non-obligatory charity, more than one’s usual habit
* To direct oneself to the Eid prayer area, while saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ quietly to oneself and to stop saying it when the Imam begins the Eid prayer
* To go to the Eid prayer area by foot
* To pay the Fitrana (zakat al-fitr) before Eid prayer
* To return from a different direction after performing the Eid prayer

Eid Mubarak